Wednesday, 5 September 2012

On Coming Home!

I'm so happy and excited to finally blog about our big news....

We're moving home to Australia!

The move has been in the pipeline for some time, and for most of you, this is probably not surprising news at all - but let's just make it official...

For me, my heart just doesn't belong to the UK any longer - i've been here for just over 5 and half years and that feeling that everyone talks of that you "just know" when it's time to move home has overwhelmed me.  Ben and I originally hoped to stay another year, however, the thought of having to live through another freezing cold winter after such a dismal "summer" was pretty much breaking point.

So now, new adventures await!

Our biggest decision was where we would live, with families in different states it was a very difficult decision, but we decided in the end it would be best for us to live in Sydney.  We worried Brisbane may be a bit "quiet" for our transition back to the laid-back, Australian way of life and also, a lot of our friends are in Sydney which will be great to spend sunny weekends catching up.  So whilst it's going to be difficult still being away from my family, I am MUCH happier knowing i'm only a 1 hour flight away, rather than a 1 DAY flight away!

So all that's left to do, (well, in between the logisitcs of packing up our life here and moving across the world!), is lots of daydreaming about all of the things we've missed about Aus the most:

Reacquainting ourselves with Family & Friends and catching up on the last 5 years!
Endless Summer, Sunshine and Warmth
Beach days and tan lines!
Long sunday lunches at Bistro C
Food, oh the food - Big Fat Juicy fresh prawns, Golden Gaytimes, MANGOES, "real" Cadbury chocolate, Avocados!
Outdoor dining and BBQ's
the list could literally go on and on and on.... 

And things I definitely won't miss about the UK:

Being squished into a hot, smelly tin can (aka The Tube) 5 days a week
Wearing 5 layers of clothes for 6 months of the year
Living with a Vitamin D deficiancy
Stepping over spit and dog crap on every pavement
Constantly carrying an umbrella in my handbag
and again, this list could go on and on and on...

See you soon Australia!!!!