Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Our Wedding Story - Part 1 - The Decision

It has been almost a year since the happiest day of my life.  I've been wanting to write this ever since, but have not quite found the right time to sit down to put it on paper.  In a way, I'm glad I'm only writing this a year on, as it's given me time to reflect on all of the details that made it the amazing story that it is.

Our wedding story is not your traditional wedding story... there was no fairytale proposal, no months and months of the bride flicking through wedding magazines, dreaming up the most wonderful dresses, flowers and table settings, just a humble little story of two people in love, stuck on opposite sides of the world!

The Decision

Ben and I met in London (both on the trip of a lifetime, having adventures travelling around Europe), and had been living happily in London together for over a year before Ben's visa expired.  It's a long and complicated story, but after 9 months (and over 2 of those months spent living apart (Ben in Sydney, me in London), it became evident that Ben's Sponsorship visa was not going to come to fruition. 

This was an incredibly difficult time, we both desperately wanted to be together and were both totally and utterly devastated at being in this situation.  We spent a very long and very emotional time pouring over our options, but in the end we decided we really only had 2 choices - the first was to pack up our UK-lives and return to Australia (however, the thought of leaving our London life so soon was almost unbearble - we weren't quite ready to do that yet - there were still many more travels on our wish list), OR, our second option - we get married, enabling Ben to apply for a marriage visa on my UK passport and continue with our life in the UK for as long our hearts desired.

So there it was - our decision to get married was made.

Some may think this incredibly UN-romantic and perhaps a big decision taken lightly.  And I admit, when we first decided I did my fair share of freaking out - wondering if we were doing this for the right reasons.  All I can say is that I got over that pretty quickly - this might sound like a clich√©, but when you meet "the one", you just know, and we knew that this was absolutely the right decision.  So it didn't quite happen the way either of us probably imagined, but once we got used to the idea, we were in seventh heaven and couldn't wait to become husband and wife.

Any anxiousness I felt was soon calmed once word started getting out - I was actually surprised that everyone we told were absolutely thrilled for us and a few people even commented how "romantic" our brash decision was.  I couldn't help but feel a little proud inside.

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  1. I find it incredibly romantic and so much more interesting then the usual romantic dinner proposals :)