Thursday, 11 October 2012

Greece Part 1 : MYKONOS!

Greece, glorious Greece! 

I had a feeling that I would love Greece, in my head it was already my dream destination from all of my travels.  And after having spent 2 weeks soaking up it's beauty, it now holds the firm top spot on my list.

Stepping off the ferry in Mykonos, I instantly felt that we were far, far away from the stresses of London.  The Greek Islands are like walking into a different time - where everyone is relaxed and happy and life moves at a slower pace, no MacDonalds or Starbucks to be found here folks - just blue skies and sunshine - oh, and AMAZING food!!!

We were a little hesitant to add Mykonos to our itinerary, a little worried that it would be a bit of a "crazy party" place - although we found it to be the opposite (which may have also had something to do with visiting close the end of the season).  Yes, there were mostly tourists roaming the island, but not in a mass commercialism way like on Santorini (more on that later).

Mykonos is a very easy island to get around - hire yourself a quad bike and you're set to explore the little villages and beaches dotted around the island.  My favourite was Agrari Beach, it just had a nice feel about it, had the standard sunlounger, bar and restaurant set-up (which I became VERY fond of - why don't we have this in Australia???) and a lovely little sandy swimming cove.

In saying that, I was also just as happy to lounge around the pool at our fabulous hotel (Poseidon) which had a gorgeous pool area to chill out with some groovy tunes and an Alfa or two (our favourite Greek Beer). [I highly recommend this hotel if you ever visit Mykonos, fabulous location, fabulous pool, fabulous food, and fabulous rooms (but definitely book a suite over a standard room if you can)]!

Oh, and Ben's mum also introduced us to a movie called Shirley Valentine which was filmed mostly on Mykonos, so of course we did a bit of location scouting - things have changed a bit since 1989, but this is a lovely little part of Mykonos (even if the staff at the restaurant are not the friendliest we encountered).

And the food, wow, we didn't have a bad meal - everything we ate was cooked fresh, the Greek Salads are out of this world and Ben had no trouble finding an abundance of vegetarian plates on every menu (even though he would have been happy to eat Chip Gyros for breakfast, lunch and dinner!).

I can't wait to go back!

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