Sunday, 17 April 2011

The "Damson Gin" End...

Due to obvious circumstances, we didn't quite get around to bottling our Damson Gin after the required 3 months, so we had to settle for continuing our 'little' experiment 6 months later.  We were a little worried that the results might not be quite the same, but as it turns out, we had nothing to worry about - our Homemade Damson Gin is divine!  Notes from our 'little experiment' confirm that a better quality Gin (ie Tanqueray) produce a much smoother taste, while I think we've decided that the amount of sugar didn't have too much of an impact!  However, we do agree that the Gin would have been best 3 months ago on a freezing cold, snowy day...  oh well, Damson Gin summer spritzers it is!

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