Monday, 18 July 2011

A Camping Trip...

A camping trip in Dorset this weekend with Ben's work colleagues for the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival...

The Pro's

- Beautiful countryside
- Great company and getting to know Ben's workmates better
- Cooking fresh caught Mackerel on a coal BBQ
- Discovering our new camping mats are the BEST THING EVER
- Seeing some fun vintage funfair trailers
- Sloshing around in Wellies all weekend

The Con's

- The pouring rain, the gusting wind
- Sleeping on a downward slope, trying to climb back to the top all night
- Sloshing around in Wellies all weekend

Think we'll be investing in a new tent and booking our next adventure "real soon"!


  1. sleeping on a downward slop? definitely a con! glad you had a good time nonetheless!

  2. Yes, a big con indeed! Not quite sure who's idea it was to choose a sloping hill for a campsite - nonetheless, the view was quite lovely! :)