Friday, 1 July 2011

Wednesday Date Night @ Wahaca

Despite being a little late (due to a teeny tiny dilemma with my hair colouring not taking, prolonging my hairdresser appointment), Ben and I managed our first trip to Wahaca since he's been back in London.  Through all of those cold lonely nights in winter, I dreamt of being shacked up with Benny in the funky bustle of Wahaca, one of my favourite places to eat in London. 

For me, going out to dinner is a chance for me to eat food that I can't cook just as well myself at home, things like Indian (i'm NEVER going to make a Lamb Saag THAT good), Thai food (how DO they get that delicate balance of flavours right) and Mexican Street Food!  It's one thing to bash up an Old El Paso Taco Kit, it is, however, a completely different experience to be presented with fresh, flavoursome mexican fare.

To start, we nibbled on some Frijoles & Tortilla Chips, which was a first for us, usually opting for fresh Guacamole.  The Frijoles were served warm with creme fraiche and a sprinkle of cheese...dipping heaven.  Paired with a couple of Corona's, we settled in for a catch-up of our day.


Ben, who isn't quite as big a fan of Wahaca as I am, settled on the Summer Vegetable Burrito (I think his new nickname should be Burrito-Boy - i'm sure he would eat one every day if he could) and Huarache (which was essentially a tortilla topped with a salad of sorts, but a little too far on the spicy side for my taste).  Being the massive fan of street food that I am, as well as loving eating small bites that arrive on small plates, I opted for the Pork Pilbil tacos (not realising it was the spicy option, oops!) and the absolutely best item on their menu, the Broad Bean and Feta Quesadilla - the perfect balance of crunch, scrummy melted cheese and fresh mint burst. 



I could literally have one of everything on this menu, but between the beer and the nibbles, I really must listen to my head instead of my tastebuds.  BUT, there's always room to squeeze in some Churros with Hot Chocolate, which we shared to dodge the damage.


Apart from the food, I always feel comfortable being in Wahaca, the staff are uber friendly and helpful and the atmosphere is always buzzy and fun - the perfect place for a mid-week date :)

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