Thursday, 27 October 2011

7 and 15

Wow, what an amazing way to start a day, an email from lovely fellow blogger little random happiness awarding me a Versatile Blogger Award!!!

I must say, i'm just a tad excited and honoured, to think that my humble little blog is loved by someone a few thousand miles away (AND I must say I have a little reciprocal blog-crush of my own :)

I do admit, however, that I didn't really know about this little award before now, so i've clicked on over and found out more!  Basically, in the spirit of discovering new blogs, I pass on the award to 15 of my own fav blogs (and share them all here to hopefully get y'all over to their blogs to soak up the goodness), and to get to know me better, I tell you 7 things about me that you may not know!

7 things...
1. I have a MASSIVE phobia of spiders - all the plastic ones around for Halloween at the moment literally make me squeal and send shivers down my spine - I avoid the Halloween section at all costs!
2. I'm a sci-fi nut (Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, X-men etc etc etc... one of my favourite things when I was little was my C-3PO moneybox!)
3. Reading is my escape (especially on the tube) - but not any old tat, books must have a special story to tell
4. Love, Lilly xxx is how I sign off my letters, emails etc to family - hence my blog name was born
5. I spent my childhood riding horses and secretly hope that one day I can live on a simple little farm and ride every day (preferably near a beach and a city - asking too much?)
6. I LOVE the sun - I could sit out in it all day, every day!
7. I would love to live in New York - even just for 6 months - coolest city in the world!

15 blogs (and why)!

Emma Bradshaw - the very first blog I discovered - I love hearing her adventures with her "boys" and can't wait to (cyber) meet the new addition to their family

Gourmet Chick - another blog from the early days - a fellow Australian living in London (until recently :(  everyone's moving home), doing all the hard work of sifting through the good and the bad of the London restaurant scene - this has been my "go-to" site for MANY a gastronomic experience

Sarah Wilson - for all of the reasons in this blog post

City of Blackbirds - Eadaoin's photography is superbly dreamy - and she share's my obsession with Downton Abbey ;)

Explore. Dream. Discover - (formerly known as From Portland to Peonies) - I originally found Liz's blog via a wedding site, cause lets face it, that dress!  Liz has just moved from Portland to Amsterdam, does lots of fun stuff and has the cutest little pup named Henry :)

Paper Morning - coz Kae is creative and stylish and also has a husband who runs marathons :)

A Barefoot Day - because I like to walk barefoot too :)  [and wish I could more often]

The Daybook - cause Syd is funny and quirky in all the ways I wish I was - AND she's "this close" from welcoming a little baby boy into this world!

One April Morning - a relatively new find for me, via Sarah Wilson's blog - another blog that get's me thinking...

Anamu - a fellow expat who's just moved to London, a shadow of myself nearly 5 years ago

What Katie Does - a funky Londoner with retro taste and an uber-cute kitty cat! [and I hope one day soon I can ask her to doll-up Love, Lillyxxx]

Gossett Girl - Natalie had me at Hawaii! But I also love her crafty motivations and her awesome photo skillz!

tales of me and the husband - I can't find words to describe Bridget's story and now life - it's heartfelt and wonderful...

My Beat Boutique - Myrna is one incredibly brave fashion blogger, who pulls off the cutest outfits and is a savvy thrift shopper!

the lil bee - just love the "on my mind" columns each Monday - the power of thought (and 2 adorable little girls who love their visits to farms!)


  1. I'm honoured to be on your list Lilly, thank you! I love these kind of posts, it's such a nice way to learn more about blogger friends and to discover new blogs too :) Halloween must be a horrible time for you with a spider phobia! Thank goodness it's over soon, so all those displays will be replaced pretty quickly with Christmas decorations as the shops head into the present buying season, phew!! x

  2. Thanks Lilly! I adore Sarah Wilson as well (as I'm sure you know!) Love your blog. xx

  3. Thanks so much Lilly!!! Love your blog as well ! It feels really good to know people are reading! Congrats on being The Versatile Blogger!

    XX- Myrna

  4. So nice, thank you, Lilly! I don't deal well with spiders either;)

  5. awe. so sweet! thanks for the love!

  6. Thanks for the mention - love the list of blogs - some good ones on here to discover!