Thursday, 9 June 2011

A summer party dress

I'm super excited!  The dress I ordered online has just arrived, i've tryed it on and it's fabulous!

Each year, my firm hosts a "summer party" for staff.  This is a grand affair, and because we're such a large firm there are only 2 venues in London where we all fit - Grosvenor House and, this years venue, Old Billingsgate.

One thing I struggled with when I first moved to London was the fact that EVERYONE gets dressed to the nine's for these do's.  So, each year I go on the eternal search for the perfect party dress (god forbid you wear the same dress twice).  I was really struggling this year, it seems a season for pretty floral sundresses (not quite the cocktail requirement) or super-short, perfect-pins numbers.  I had almost resigned myself to doing the unthinkable and re-wearing a dress from a couple of party's ago, but then this gorgeousness popped up (gotta love memory-advertising on websites these days).

I absolutely can't wait to be sipping some bubbles in this tomorrow evening!

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