Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Kerbisher & Malt

We were very excited to see that a funky new fish & chip shop has opened up just down the road from us.  We don't often get down to the shops around Brook Green, so it seemed like Kerbisher & Malt had sprung up out of nowhere.  We went for our first visit after a lovely day out on Sunday and am very excited to announce that this is THE best fish & chips i've had in the UK!  First of all, my excitement is based around the fact that you have the option of "crumbed", as opposed to the stock-standard grease-trapping batter that this country can't seem to get enough of.  My next favourite thing about K&M is the crumbed "calamari" which is actually a whole octopus, mini-tentacles and all. Ben is, of course, stuck with the chip butty, but to his delight has another vege option of onion rings!

Having recently caught up on Hugh's Fish Fight we were also pleased to see that K&M advertise as using only "sustainable" fish (although I would like to investigate this further to ensure the claim is 100%, my suspicions mostly aroused by Cod and Haddock being top of the menu).

Our only disappointment? They don't open on Monday's, so we couldn't go back for another fix the next day!

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