Friday, 24 June 2011


It has been ONE. LONG. WEEK. 

The summer months at work are always quiet, hence providing me with little motivation nor stimulation.  And to make matters even worse, the summery weather is yet to arrive and we have been dwelling in cloudy, rainy, breezy, cold weather.  Fear not, we have a day of predicted 29 degree temps on Sunday - I will be crossing fingers AND toes that I might actually be able to go outside without a coat for once!

Regardless, a lot of very good things have happened this week:

* We finally made it to Dirty Dancing, after the previous weeks fire disaster
* We have been nurturing our new balcony garden we planted last weekend
* We saw Bridesmaids - quite possibly the funniest movie i've EVER seen
* We joined a gym, and can't wait to spend all of our spare time getting fit and toned
* We applied for more Olympics tickets - fingers crossed
* We have been basking in uninterrupted Wimbledon coverage - tickets next year please

For the weekend: we'll be watching the Collingwood vs Sydney game early tomorrow, followed by a swim session at the gym.  Maybe a nice dinner for 2 with my gorgeous husband on Saturday night.  Our first Body Pump session on Sunday morning, perhaps followed by a drive to the country to soak up every one of those 29 degrees!

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