Wednesday, 30 November 2011

More from my weekend

On Sunday we decided to take a trip to South-West london.  Our lease expires early next year, so we'll be looking to move.  We want to move to an area we haven't yet lived, and as well as having friends down that way, we also like the vibe that is many pubs and restaurants that we haven't really been so close to before.  

I had just recently read on LiveUrbanLoveRural about a formal garden hidden away on Streatham Common, so we couldn't resist a little sneak peak whilst we were down that way (for the record, we will NOT be moving to Streatham)!

Streatham Common itself is quite big and rises up on a slope - we both agreed that if it snows this winter it would be our top pick for tobogganing! It took a little while to find the garden (tip, entrance is just beside the cafe!).  And what a lovely little oasis we discovered...  manicured lawns, terraced gardens, frog ponds, lots of garden seats and a few braves soles bundled up reading or just soaking-in the serenity.  Oh, and LOTS of squirrels - although they were all quite shy so was difficult to get good pics!  Also, given that we're in the depths of winter, all of the plants were looking quite sparse and brown - not so pretty for a photog session!

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  1. What a charming place! I've always wanted to live in an English cottage with a cute little garden :) Good luck on your search for a new place!